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Speaking of a shrine, let me explain about "Omikuji" a Japanese fortune-telling paper stripi.
Yes, it's naturel that the feelings change considerably depending on the result, it is understood that "A divination may or may not come true".

We use "Omikuji" in a single word, but originally it is called "Kuji" -lottery and with a prefix added to same as "Omiki". If simply "lottery", will it make your comfort easier even if you get somewhat bad results?

By the way, the order of omikuji's fortunes are something like;
大吉:great blessing / great fortune
吉 :blessing / good fortune
中吉:middle blessing / middle fortune
小吉:small blessing / small fortune
末吉:future blessing / future fortune (O.K fortune but you have to wait)
凶:curse / bad fortune
大凶:great curse / great bad fortune
I have always wondered why "great bad fortune" was included in Omikuji, but it seems that ”great bad fortune” is not included in Omikuji.

According to the shrine's headquarters official, it is no problem to bring the Omikuji home with you that you took in shrine. "Omikuji is not the only thing toknow your fortunes, but it is more important than taking the content as the future living guidelines. Please read the" Omikuji " carefully and sufficiently feed back to your own actions."

Just for your reference when you go to shirnes next time.

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